Custom Name Night Light for Kids | Personalized Cartoon Little Bear Night Light with LED Lighting for Children | Personalized It With Your Kid's Name | Best Gifts Idea for Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

The Personalized Kids Night Light is a unique and custom-made night light that is designed to provide a warm and comforting atmosphere for kids during bedtime. It features a wooden base, adding a touch of natural charm and elegance to the design. The night light is personalized with the child's name, making it a special and one-of-a-kind item that they will treasure. It is equipped with a soft and soothing LED light, and features a colorful and cute pattern on the acrylic light board. This night light is perfect for children who may be afraid of the dark, or for those who simply enjoy a comforting and calming light in their room. With its adorable design, custom personalization, gentle LED light, and wooden base, the Personalized Kids Night Light is the perfect gift for any child and a bedtime must-have.

Light board size:width <= 5.9", height <= 7.9"
Base width: 5.7"
Material:Acrylic / Haruki
Light source:Built-in LED
Power: 1.6W
Power source: USB DC5V (Plug not included)
Charging method: Suitable for 5V 1A standard charge
Pay attention: Don't use super charge

Please note: when you receive our night light products, you will find a protective film on the acrylic panel. Please carefully remove this protective film to achieve the best display effect.
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