Personalized Solar Night Light | Butterfly Type B | Customized Garden Solar Light for Memorial

Introducing our solar night light, a stylish and energy-efficient lighting solution perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces. Powered by the sun, these lights absorb solar energy during the day, storing it in rechargeable batteries to power the warm and inviting LED lights at night. With no wiring or electricity required, installation is a breeze, and the cost-effective use of renewable energy ensures you'll enjoy beautiful lighting without worrying about expensive bills. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to add elegance and ambiance to any outdoor setting, while reducing your carbon footprint and embracing sustainable living.

Stand size:116 mm x 340 mm
Light board size:141 mm x 124 mm
Weight with gift box:about 350g
Light source:Built-in LED
Power source: Solar Energy

Please note: when you receive our night light products, you will find a protective film on the acrylic panel. Please carefully remove this protective film to achieve the best display effect. Converts the natural daylight into a multiple color illumination at dusk to perform a display of color. The charging time and working time of the solar light varies with sunlight intensity. In winter, solar light receives less energy from sunlight, so it is normal to have a lower brightness and shorter working time at night.
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Gift box options:  Jewelry   Moon Lamps   Clock   Crystal
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