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Custom single bobbleheads are personalized figurines that are designed to look like a specific person, pet, or character. The use of high-quality polymer clay and careful hand-toning and hand-kneading ensures that the figurine accurately captures the unique features and character of the intended subject. This attention to detail and precision makes custom single bobbleheads a special and meaningful gift that can be treasured for years to come.

This is a standard body model which means only the head part will be customized, the clothing style and body pose is pre-made and cannot be changed. If you would like to fully customize your bobblehead we recommend you to order from our Head to Toe Bobbleheads custom bobblehead.

Material:Polymer clay
Available sizes:5" / 13cm
7" / 18cm
9" / 23cm
Voor "Alleen hoofd" passen we alleen het hoofdgedeelte aan en gebruiken we het lichaam zoals weergegeven op de productfoto.
Voor "Head to Toe" maken wij de bobblehead volledig voor u op maat.
Upload een foto van de voorkant van de persoon die u wilt personaliseren.
Upload een foto van het volledige lichaam van de persoon die u wilt personaliseren.
Onze vakman zal ook een beeldje maken op basis van de front-endfoto en profielfoto, waardoor we het uiterlijk van de persoon duidelijker kunnen zien en de restauratie van de beeldjes kunnen verbeteren.
Dit is optioneel maar aanbevolen.
Please enter up to 35 characters.
By choosing the proofing service, we'll send design photo to customer via email before production. We'll only start production upon customer's approval. Therefore, the production time may be delayed a little bit.

You have the option to choose how soon to have your custom product made. We will make sure to finish your product in the timeline you choose.
However, please also note this does not include the shipping time which you will need to choose on the checkout page.

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